What We Do

St Stephen’s Green Trust (SSGT) is an independent social justice grant-maker which works across the island of Ireland. Our primary purpose is to make grants to groups to allow them to effect positive social change in areas which trustees deem to be critical. Sometimes SSGT engages with the issues at an operational level when it is deemed to be the best approach. SSGT believes supporting advocacy and activism to achieve social change is the best use of independent funding and this forms the basis of our strategic philanthropy. We aim to work in solidarity with grantees in a way which respects their dignity and leadership in the causes we fund. We commit to effective stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our donors.

Mission: St. Stephen’s Green Trust is a charitable foundation which respects human dignity and is committed to helping create a society where the dignity of all can be realised through social justice and inclusive, nurturing communities.

Our work is underpinned by our core values of respect & solidarity; accountability & transparency; integrity and partnership.

Strategic Goals 2018-2022

Over the period 2018-2022, we have four key external strategic goals and an additional organisational goal. These are:
SG1: Contribute to a more humane justice system through supporting alternatives to prison, humane imprisonment and reintegration of ex-offenders
SG2: Contribute to improving the situation for Travellers by focusing on areas that progress their life chances and participation in Irish society. This strategic goal will have three subgoals:

     SG2.1: Contribute to increasing the provision of culturally appropriate, secure, quality accommodation for Travellers
     SG2.2: Contribute to increased participation of Travellers in employment and enterprise
     SG2.3: Embed changes in policy and practice that have a positive impact on Travellers in prison, their families and communities

SG3: Contribute to the goal of vulnerable migrants becoming full members of Irish society through dismantling barriers to integration
SG4: Contribute to strengthening collaborative and supportive relationships within and between communities in Northern Ireland to promote peacebuilding
SG5: Develop SSGT to be an exemplar foundation

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