What We Do

St Stephen’s Green Trust (SSGT) is an independent social justice grant-maker which has been working across the island of Ireland since 1992. Our primary purpose is to make grants to groups to allow them to effect positive social change in areas which trustees deem to be critical. SSGT believes supporting advocacy and activism to achieve social change is the best use of independent funding and this forms the basis of our strategic philanthropy. We aim to work in solidarity with grantees in a way which respects their dignity and leadership in the causes we fund. We commit to effective stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our donors.

Our vision is of a fair society where no-one is left behind

St Stephen’s Green Trust is an all-island independent grant-maker which supports groups to effect positive social change in critical areas of social justice.

We work in solidarity with communities, acknowledging their leadership in, and ownership of, the outcomes we help fund. We hold ourselves accountable to donors, grantees and the wider community through setting high standards for ourselves in reflecting on impact, governance and using our influence to support social change. We value long-term relationships with stakeholders and recognise that systemic change can take many years. We strive to be flexible, mindful of emerging needs and take calculated risks in our pursuit of a just society.

SSGT generally only funds companies or unincorporated groups with charitable status whose objectives align with those of the Trust. We may fund groups without charitable status but which are: 1) not-for-profit; 2) have an independent committee/board separate to employees/consultants paid to carry out the work of the organisation; and 3) has a clause in its constitution/founding document which stipulates that upon the dissolution or winding up of the organisation that any assets are distributed to a similar organisation. We can fund social enterprises which have charitable status or which have the above three characteristics.

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