Are We Eligible?

We fund community and voluntary organisations across the island of Ireland which are registered charities. Some grant programmes may be confined to one jurisdiction or the other and this will be specified in the criteria for the programme.

In addition to the thematic areas SSGT is interested in funding work which is about demonstrating what works, social analysis and developing a user voice to effect positive social change. Projects should be ideas-driven – embracing new thinking, invention and creativity.

We have a particular interest in supporting work in partnership with others and for which there are few opportunities for funding.

We expect proposals to have a clear sense of objectives, and of how to achieve them and we expect the grant to have a good chance of making a difference.

Exclusions: Capital costs; general appeals; retrospective funding, overseas work and individuals. We don’t fund organisations which are not registered charities but we may fund organisations in the process of applying for charitable status.

Organisations can generally only submit one application per grant round. If that application is successful, a further application cannot be submitted until the grant is spent and a report has been made. It is possible for an organisation to be a grantholder under two separate grant programmes.

All queries regarding applications should be directed to the SSGT office. Grants staff aim to be available to discuss applications by telephone or email, but are unable to meet with applicants prior to the submission of an application, due to limitations on staff capacity. Please do not contact individual Trustees about your application, at any stage of the process.

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