Community Grantwriter Initiative

Between 2005 and 2016 SSGT managed the Darndale Belcamp Grant Programme on behalf of the Oblate Congregation. An evaluation of that programme is available here. As part of the development work for that programme, SSGT initiated and managed a Community Grantwriter which supported local organisations in a range of areas including fundraising, strategy and organisational development.

Following the development of a strategic partnership with the Northside Partnership (NSP), the Community Grantwriter is now available to community organisations throughout their area. The Community Grantwriter is employed by SSGT and seconded to the NSP. Organisations are welcome to contact the Grantwriter directly and in addition, there will be a focus on organisations identified as in need of particular support by the NSP Community Development team.

Ceire Sadlier was appointed in November 2016 by SSGT and is seconded to the Northside Partnership. She can be contacted at or on 087 152 7006.

The Community Grantwriter initiative is funded by the Oblate Congregation, the Northside Partnership and the Community Foundation for Ireland.

Currently there are no opportunities to apply for funding in this programme area.
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