Funding Priorities

Please check under What We Fund for open grants rounds as criteria for funding are different for each programme. In 2017, SSGT trustees agreed the following strategic goals for the period 2018-2022:

SG1: Contribute to a more humane justice system through supporting alternatives to prison, humane imprisonment and reintegration of ex-offenders.

SG2.1 Contribute to the increased provision of culturally appropriate, secure, quality Traveller accommodation.

SG2.2 Contribute to increased participation of Travellers in employment and enterprise.

SG2.3 Embed changes in policy and practice that have a positive impact on Travellers in prison, their families and communities.

SG3 Contribute to the goal of vulnerable migrants becoming full members of our society through dismantling barriers to integration.

SG4 Contribute to building new or strengthened informal structures across communities in Northern Ireland.

Grants criteria and deadlines differ depending on the funding priority. Please make sure you are eligible to apply and your project meets the criteria before filling out an application form.  There are more details under What We Fund


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