Grant Conditions

This is information is for existing grantholders, as a reminder of SSGT grant conditions and reporting requirements. In addition to these general conditions, please review the grant letter of offer you received when you were notified of the size, duration and purpose of the grant – this provides details of any additional, special conditions of your grant.

The general conditions attached to grants are:
Funds must be used solely for charitable objects and for the purpose(s) specified on the application to SSGT and the grant offer form.

An account of the expenditure of the funds and a report on the specific project or programme must be submitted within one year of receipt of the award or on completion of the purpose specified, whichever is the sooner. However if the project implementation is delayed please see the Reporting Back section for details or contact us.

SSGT considers the grant report to be an important part of the outcome of the grant as it should allow the organisation the opportunity to reflect on the original objectives and gather information around what was learned over the period. It is important that grantholders understand the questions which will be asked at the end of the grant period so would encourage organisations to understand the questions which will be asked so relevant records can be kept from the beginning of the grant. See Reporting Back for more detail.

SSGT requests acknowledgement of the grant in material produced by the organisation as part of the project or in annual reports. An SSGT logo is available on request.

The grant should be separately disclosed in the organisation’s financial statements either on the Income & Expenditure account or in a note to the accounts.

Any breach of the above conditions will result in the termination of the award and will prejudice further applications for funds.

All grants are listed in the St. Stephen’s Green Trust’s Annual Report.

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