Humane Justice System Grant Programme

Over the next few years SSGT will work on the following social change goal through a number of initiatives: Contribute to a more humane justice system so that people who are/were incarcerated meaningfully participate in and lead a self-determined, dignified life in societies that are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

The small contribution which SSGT seeks to make is through:

The Compass Directory: supporting the development of a directory of voluntary organisations working in the criminal justice sector. It is the first directory for this sector in Ireland and is due to be launched in June 2022. The directory was developed through a partnership between IASIO, SSGT, the Irish Prison Service, the Probation Service and a number of civil society organisations which support people who are/were incarcerated and their families. It will be managed by IASIO.

As part of the process of developing the directory, a high level gap analysis was produced by Quality Matters, a summary of which is available here.

Family Links: Improving rehabilitation and resettlement outcomes for people who are/were incarcerated through supporting a ‘whole family’ approach in the prison and probation systems. This will involve working with statutory and voluntary agencies and the approach will be developed over the next few years.

SSGT currently supports the IPRT’s Children and Families Initiative – a three-year project on families of prisoners, aiming to reduce the hard for children and families affected by imprisonment, with a particular focus on reducing female imprisonment.

Grant Programme: There are no plans for an open grant programme in this area for 2021 or 2022.

Funders: This programme is funded by a family foundation advised by Porticus.

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