Support people in the international protection process to become full members of Irish society

SSGT believes a more humane asylum system is needed in Ireland with more effective community-led approaches to the integration of vulnerable migrants such as those in the international protection process. There should be more support and opportunities for the voice of protection applicants to be heard, particularly in issues which affect them.

SSGT has three strands of work in this area:

Supporting Vulnerable Women and Families in the International Protection Process

In 2023, SSGT launched a new funding programme aimed at supporting the most vulnerable women and families in the IP process including: lone parents, families with children who have additional needs, women and children who have survived abuse, victims of sex trafficking and families with deportation orders who do not have access to adequate financial or social supports.

The programme includes two funding strands and supports work in Ireland and in Northern Ireland. In Strand 1, one-year grants of between €5,000 (£4,500) and €8,000 (£7,500) will be offered to local groups working to improve the living conditions and pathways to support for the target beneficiaries. Strand 2 will welcome applications for up to €20,000 (£17,500) per annum for up to three years from groups working strategically to improve the situation of vulnerable women and families in the long-term.

Detailed criteria and a link to the online application forms can be found here for Strand 1 and here for Strand 2.

If you have any queries about the programme, please contact our Grants and Development Manager Sara at The deadline for applications is 16 March 2023 at 17:00.

Stand Up Speak Out: 2020-2022
In 2020 SSGT had an open call for applications for a grant programme taking a broader approach to supporting positive change for people living in direct provision. The focus is on community organising, supporting participation of asylum seekers in their community and inclusion of their voices in issues which affect them. Grants were made to five organisations.

Stand Up Speak Out 2020-2022 Grantees:

Action Aid Ireland, Dublin
Afri, Dublin
LGBT Ireland, Dublin
Places of Sanctuary Ireland, Wexford
PPR (Participation & Practice of Rights), Belfast

Community Sponsorship Grant Programme
SSGT works with the Regional Support Organisations across the island to support registered Community Sponsorship groups. programme. Please contact your designated RSO officer for further information.

Previous reports and programmes

Between 2014 and 2020, SSGT had two grant programmes focused on people living in direct provision centres.

The first programme (2014-2019) funded grassroots groups for the costs of activities for children to participate in sporting, recreational and cultural activities with their peers in their local community. An evaluation of that programme, Healing the wound of isolation: letting children be children, was carried out in 2019 and can be downloaded here.

The second 3-year learning programme (2016-2019) supported asylum seekers who had obtained refugee status to make the transition to independent living within their local community. The final report of the 3-year evaluation, Supporting Transition from Direct Provision is here.

Funders: These programmes are funded by a family foundation advised by Porticus, the Mercy Sisters and the Daughters of the Cross of Liege investment.

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