How to Apply

Each grant programme has separate criteria for funding. Please refer to the grant programme page for details.

SSGT may operate a two-step process for some grant programmes. However in general the following process applies:
In Step 1 we require an Expression of Interest form to be filled out and emailed to us by the deadline date. An assessment will be made within a few weeks following which a decision will be emailed to the applicant. If the initial assessment is successful, for Step 2 the applicant will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal and given several weeks to respond. Projects should only start when a grant offer has been made. A specific timeframe for each step is outlined in the Expression of Interest form.

We encourage applicants to contact us before completing application forms to ensure the project meets the criteria. We are happy to talk through your potential application or respond to an email and give direction on the type of projects and organisations which meet the change we’re looking for through the grant programme. Each programme has specific criteria against which the application is assessed, please consider these carefully before submitting an application.

If your application gets to Step 2 we look for details of the safeguarding procedures in your organisation. We requires all our grantees to have relevant safeguarding measures in place, including safe recruitment, staff training and reporting procedures.

Deadline dates and application forms are available here.
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