Reporting Back

One of the conditions attached to all grants is that an account of the expenditure of the funds and a report on the specific project or programme must be submitted within one year of receipt of the award or on completion of the project whichever is the sooner. We don’t require interim reports for one year grants so please contact us if your project is delayed.

SSGT is committed to reflecting on the impact of our grants and the effectiveness and success of our work. This is related to our overall ethos of using our funds in an effective and strategic way to effect positive social change. It requires grantees to view the grant as a learning opportunity to reflect on what works or doesn’t work and organisations will therefore need to build in some form of data collection from the beginning of the grant. The evaluation design is an important part of the initial grants assessment process.

Proportionality: SSGT aims to be proportionate in its expectations of grantees around reflecting on impact. We understand that if you are awarded a small grant for a non-complex purpose that the report will reflect that. We also aim to be realistic about the impact achievable within the funding available, and honest in terms of the role that programmes play in delivering the outcomes identified. We encourage grantees to do the same. However we are interested in understanding the distance travelled towards the overall objectives as a result of the funding.

Below are the questions SSGT asks grantees to answer at the end of a grant period. It is important that you keep relevant records from the beginning of the grant. Please ask us if you need clarification on any of the questions.

We ask you to use your original application to the Trust as a guide to writing the report.

Reviewing the work undertaken:
Describe how the project was implemented, what activities took place, where and when. There should be both quantitative and qualitative information in the report.

Have the original objectives of the work as set out in your application changed? If so, how?

Which of the objectives have been most successfully achieved? In what way were these areas particularly successful? Why?

Which of the objectives have been least successfully achieved? In what way were these areas not successful? Why?

Significance and learning
What impact has the funded work had? Is there any evidence to support this?

Are there any lessons from your work you think might be transferable to other initiatives or organisations?

Was an evaluation of the work carried out either internally or externally? If so, please send us any resulting reports.

Longer Term Impact
What steps have you taken to ensure your project will have a lasting impact after SSGT’s funding comes to an end? For example, this might include steps you have taken to:

  • apply what you have learned to other aspects of your work
  • build relationships with others to encourage them to change what they do or how they do it;
  • obtain funding to continue some or all of the work.

Financial Report
The report form requests that you use the figures set out in your original application budget and report on the actual income and expenditure and to give the reason for differences, if any.

Please contact the Trust for grant report forms.
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