Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Strategic Goals

Over the period 2018-2022, we have four key external strategic goals and an additional organisational goal. These are:

SG1:     Contribute to a more humane justice system through supporting alternatives to prison, humane imprisonment and reintegration of ex-offenders

SG2:     Contribute to improving the situation for Travellers by focusing on areas that progress their life chances and participation in Irish society. This strategic goal will have three subgoals:

              SG2.1:              Contribute to increasing the provision of culturally appropriate, secure, quality accommodation for Travellers

              SG2.2:              Contribute to increased participation of Travellers in employment and enterprise

              SG2.3:              Embed changes in policy and practice that have a positive impact on Travellers in prison, their families and communities

SG3:     Contribute to the goal of vulnerable migrants becoming full members of Irish society through dismantling barriers to integration

SG4:     Contribute to strengthening collaborative and supportive relationships within and between communities in Northern Ireland to promote peacebuilding

SG 5     Developing SSGT to be an exemplar foundation

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