Supporting Inter-community Practice & Activism (NI)

SSGT has supported organisations working on issues of social justice across Ireland over the past 25yrs. It believes that the strengthening of collaborative and supportive relationships within and between communities is essential for peace-building.

As part of its commitment to peace-building in Northern Ireland, it is managing a 2-year pilot grant programme supporting work that focuses on: people working collaboratively on an inclusive and inter-community basis to address common issues and identifying barriers to inclusive work, and relationship-building, within and between communities and learning how these can be overcome.

An open grant round for this pilot was advertised in April/May 2017 and funds have now been allocated. The pilot phase is supporting 10 organisations undertaking work that helps build confidence, relationships and effective activism amongst women and women’s groups; and/or young people and youth groups; and/or people involved in place-based activism.

The programme has a strong element of evaluation and sharing of learning and SSGT will publish an evaluation of the programme on its completion. About £230,000 in grants will be allocated over the 2 year period.

A summary of projects being funded in the first year of this programme is available here.

The SIPA programme is funded by Porticus UK.

Currently there are no opportunities to apply for funding in this programme area.
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