Technical Assistance

SSGT will consider providing small amounts of funding to support low-capacity organisations wishing to develop project proposals / grant applications particularly those being developed on a collaborative basis.

The project objective needs to be eligible for funding under one of our grants programmes and there needs to be an intention to apply to the grants programme.

The funding can assist with payments to consultants/facilitators but not staff time. Costs which can be applied for include costs of convening a group to develop approaches, incidentals of meetings, study visits (within Ireland and the UK) and other supports to develop coherent and informed proposals. Maximum grants will be in the region of €1,500 with a lower average expected.

An application form should be completed and there is a rolling deadline of the 25th of each month. A decision on funding will take about a month. Normal grant programme deadlines will apply after that.

The Technical Assistance Grant Programme is funded by Porticus UK, the Daughters of the Cross of Liege and the Discalced Carmelites.

Application forms are only available directly from SSGT.

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