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TJI Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Traveller participation – We recognise that policies and programmes targeted at Travellers will not be effective without the meaningful participation of Travellers at the design, implementation and monitoring stages. We seek to facilitate Traveller participation in all aspects of our work.

Relationship building – The importance of developing relationships across all sectors, and the importance of TJI mediating these relationships is acknowledged in this plan. Unless relationships are effectively fostered, change is unlikely to be successfully achieved or sustained.

Gender dimension – Imprisonment affects Traveller men and women differently, and women are likely to be impacted more negatively. The Traveller Women in Prison (TWIP) advisory group reviews all actions in this plan for their gender impact, and recommends actions based on this process.

These principles are supported by the SSGT core values of: respect & solidarity, accountability, integrity, and partnership with the grantees and communities we serve.

Strategic action areas

We have identified five key areas we believe will contribute to the overall aim of improving the situation for Traveller prisoners and their families. All actions are undertaken in collaboration with TJI’s partners).

  • Building a knowledge base about Travellers in the criminal justice system.
  • Improving Travellers’ access to and outcomes from prison-based services and re-integration supports.
  • Advocating for culturally appropriate family support.
  • Developing initiatives to promote peer support and advocacy amongst Travellers in prison and in probation services.
  • Documenting and sharing the learning of the TJI Initiative.

A summary of the 2021-2024 strategic plan can be downloaded here.

Traveller Justice Initiative
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