Traveller Employment & Enterprise Programme

Traveller Employment and Enterprise  Policy Programme: Closed

Between 2019 and 2020 SSGT had a focus on its strategic goal to contribute to increased participation of Travellers in employment and enterprise. It has now closed as a separate programme but the Travellers in Prison Initiative will work on aspects of the outcomes SSGT was seeking.

In May 2019 SSGT published Mincéir Gruber Malaid Streed, What next for Traveller Employment’.  The report explored why low numbers of Travellers access and progress through education, training and labour market settings. It also examines the lack of visibility of Travellers within much of our education, employment and inclusion policies. The objective was to contribute to knowledge on how and why high numbers of Travellers are unemployed, to reflect the current policy context and to make some recommendations.

Early in 2020, SSGT commissioned ValuesLab to undertake a qualitative study to contribute to the body of knowledge on the experiences of Travellers in accessing, participating and progressing in employment, to provide insights for policymakers, employers and trade unions to enable their action on issues of Traveller labour market participation.

Mincéir Misl’er a Tom Tober – Travellers in the Mainstream Labour Market: Situation, Experience and Identity was launched by Minister Joe O’Brien on 13th April 2021.

It found that ‘connectors’ play a key role in helping Travellers get into the labour market and recommends public sector work experience and internship programmes, and an expansion of Traveller employment liaison staff under Department of Social Protection.

The report says improving Traveller employment needs to become a significant focus for Government policy and strategy if the 80% unemployment rate amongst Travellers is to be tackled. It is based on detailed qualitative interviews with Travellers working in a range of employment settings, and further interviews with employers, trade unions and policy makers.

This programme is closed and there are no grants available.
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